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1. Be nice to each other!

2. Respect the rules from whatever archive your screencaps have come from. Most archives I've seen are fine with sharing, but if there's an archive out there that asks you not to share, please respect that.

3. This is not an advertisement community. You may not advertise your or any other image gallery EXCEPT as a source link at the bottom of a regular cap-sharing post. If there is something related to graphics that you think the users of the comm might be interested in, contact me via PM and I will let you know if you can post it to the comm.

4. Don't hotlink from galleries. Reupload to another image sharing service. Imgur and Imgbox are two reliable and popular hosts.

5. So as not to overload anyone's internet connection, please don't put more than 50 caps in one post. It's okay to make multiple posts in a row, just try not to spam the community too much.

6. Don't post full-size images. Either create thumbnails or simply code the image to load smaller, for example:

<img src="" width="350px">

Which looks like this:

7. Format your posts the following way:

The subject line should include the subject of the post. Eg, "LOST screencaps" or "variety of faceless screencaps" and so on.

Your entry should have no more than one teaser cap or small collage of caps outside of the cut. The image outside of the cut shouldn't exceed 400x400 pixels.

8. Tag your post with the appropriate fandom, and your username (if you want). But the fandom is the important part!

When tagging the fandom, but sure to format it as: [medium]: [fandom name]

So tagging something with Teen Wolf would be "tv: teen wolf". Medium can be tv, movie, comic, photoshoot, etc. You aren't limited to just screengrabs, if there is something else you want to share!

If you tag with your username, remember to format it as: user: [username]

See my first post here for an example of how a post to the community should look.