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you should haveeeeeeee :D

yeah those few are quite good cos that's about the only great place to get stargate/trek/farscape caps
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Lots of caps, but you have to register to access them.

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holy cow, amazing! *rolls around in all the caps*
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Stargate - http://www.stargatecaps.com
X-Files - http://xfphotos.fredfarm.com
Angel - http://www.screencap-paradise.com
Multifandom - http://cute-poision.org

I sometimes make caps for my own use and I'm happy to put together a wee list of what I currently have in my collection.
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Screencap paradise is gone. :-(
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Oh no :(

Thanks for telling me, I'll edit and remove that link.
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The good news is that [livejournal.com profile] grande_caps Has most of Whedon's shows up on their site, including Angel and they are starting to put up Buffy caps as well.
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There's also Sonic Brio for specific Doctor Who caps up to Series 7A (Note: They announced back in April that they would no longer be making new caps for the series, however, the caps already up will remain up for the time being).

Torchwood caps made by Sonic Brio are here and caps for The Sarah Jane Adventures are here
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