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Name:cap share
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Welcome to Cap Share, a screencap-sharing community! This community has a focus on hand-selected caps that are ideal for graphics, such as icons or picspams, or similar types of things. All images are welcome, whether screencaps, comic book or manga panels/scans, or high quality promotional stills.

Come peruse through the caps people have shared if you need source material for icons or graphics. If you've found (or made!) some pretty caps recently that you'd like to share with others, you can do that here. Please note the focus of this comm is on high quality images. The best resolution you can get (eg 720p or better, except for older shows which might not have this) is desirable. Also, please share only the caps you think are interesting and would be useful for graphics. Please check out the rules for more info. :)

This is not an advertisement community. If your post does not fit the community rules, it will be deleted. Please contact me via PM if you wish to post something to the comm other than an image-sharing post.

If you would like to pimp the community, you can use this image & code, thank you!

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share those caps collecting dust on your harddrive!

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